5 Reasons to use WordPress

Firstly, every business big or small needs a website. Think of it as your digital store or presence. Building a website can be extremely difficult and often expensive. Many small businesses entirely neglect to create a website for their brand. As a result, most don’t understand the top five reasons to use WordPress for their business’s website.

Best reasons to use WordPress in 2022 from HPDS

Inexpensive Set-Up

A primary focus for the business is cost-effectiveness. WordPress is an open-source content management system, and there is no cost to use the framework for building. Therefore, any business generated from the content is a return. Many of our affiliates even have simple one-touch installs. The only up-front cost is that of hosting.

WordPress was released in May of 2003 and has stood as a major player in web design for nearly twenty years. A service provided by HPDS is WordPress set up which is included with any package.

Easy to use

With WordPress, creating web pages and content is as simple as clicking a button! Because of this, it has evolved over the years to work familiarly with most social media.

A small business owner does not need any HTML knowledge to create entire websites. Moreover, anyone with general social media experience can operate a WordPress website. Maintenance can be as often as a daily post or as little as a yearly review. In other words, it is an extremely versatile tool for creating your content.

SEO Ready

Check out our next article on Search Engine Optimization. Most well-known reasons to use WordPress have to do with search engine optimization. Because of this, there is already an extensive library of plugins available that make optimizing effortless. Some are free to use; others may come with third-party fees.

A proper SEO strategy can help your website obtain more organic traffic. In addition, more views mean more return on your investment. Even having some structure in place is like having a roadmap for your visitors.

Integrations and Marketplace

A ton of third-party industries are dedicated to providing WordPress services and features. In conclusion, from content themes to commercial analytics, you can likely find the integration you need for your website.

Faster Loading

Each browser is tasked with reading websites the same. WordPress structures content data in a way that reads faster in most browsers. It takes the guesswork out of building your website, allowing your properties to stay operational longer and with less downtime.

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