What is the Kadence Theme?

The Kadence Theme for WordPress is an interesting and multipurpose theme and it allows you to create elegant designs for your website. You can download Kadence for free, and there is also a premium version. You can create custom designs with default settings, however, there are dozens of starter templates to quickstart your site with content and prebuilt layouts. The theme allows you to build pages in a way that makes WordPress even easier to use.

You can download Kadence at Kadence – WordPress theme | WordPress.org. You can also search for it and install it straight from WordPress. The theme is also found when you search through popular WordPress themes. The Kadence theme is very popular because of its strength and flexibility.

Where to install a theme on WordPress.
Search for Kadence theme.

Customizer Features

First, you can customize your installation with many different settings using the WordPress Customizer. A site administrator could change a site’s colors, fonts, header, footer, and even different page layouts! For instance, a designer could design the site’s single post’s layouts to look different from a single page’s layout. This list details more actions that can be accomplished from within the customizer.

  • You can edit the search results layout.
  • In addition, you can also create and edit menus.
  • Use the customizer to change the site logo and set how the logo and site title is displayed in the header.
  • If you want, you can add breadcrumbs to different pages.
  • Also, it is possible to set a sidebar and its widgets.
  • And much more, especially with the premium version.
Customizer options for the Kadence theme

Kadence theme blocks.


In addition, the theme includes blocks that can be used to create content. For example, theme blocks insert content like a post’s author, tags, featured images, and categories. The blocks can be used in posts, pages, and even widgets. There are many different blocks included and are fine examples of Guttenberg blocks. In other words, you have the flexibility to place content where you want it to be.


In conclusion, the Kadence theme is a powerful and flexible theme for WordPress. It is part of a family of products and is the first step to creating a stunning website.

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